„Discover clever ways. And creative solutions“

<p>„Discover clever ways. And creative solutions“</p>


About us

Clevias is an international business consultancy. We will support you in staffing matters, provide advice with company management issues and help you develop your distribution channels. Our flexible team can provide you with personal advice, firm and efficient planning, short channels and reliable implementation. We will always have the long-term success of your company in our sights.

You will benefit from our international and cross-industry experience, which ranges from company management and business development to personnel management and development, marketing and sales.

Contact us today and arrange a non-binding meeting to get to know us.

We have international experience in

• Sales
• Marketing
• Trading
• Company and business management/general management
• Business development
• Product management
• Project management

We offer our services in German, English, Finnish and Swedish.